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Architecture, history and photography in Nové Město nad Metují, Czech Republic

Jurkovic's Wooden Bridge, Nove Mesto nad Metuji

Those who read my blog regularly or downloaded my free ebook about improving your photography will know that I do not particularly enjoy crowds. I’m also the solely and therefore the biggest supporter of my own theory called “decentralized tourism”. What it means is going not only to places that are notoriously known and infinitely repeated on social media but also get off the beaten path a bit, do some old-school research and explore new locations.

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3+1 best photography spots in Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta: 3+1 best photography spots

Let’s get this straight – walking around Valletta, Malta’s capital is pretty much like walking through a very big and very colorful open-air museum. The city was also chosen for the European Capital of Culture 2018 and I can totally understand why. So choosing only 3 best locations for photography is, let’s say, quite minimalist (and of course very subjective). But let’s give it a try!

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6-day West Iceland free tour itinerary for photographers

Kirkjufell - Snaefellsnes, Iceland free photo tour itinerary

  Yeah, you got me right. I mean, it’s not a real ‘Iceland photo tour’ because I’m talking here about a self-guided kind of thing. And when it comes to it, it’s not ‘free’ either. You’ll need to get to Iceland first, get a car, a warm place to stay… Right, that should do as a disclaimer. Difficult times, you can’t say a thing without a crazy person from the internet taking your every word literally.

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The adventure of hiking and not hiking around Andalucia, Spain

Solo Hiking through Andalucia, Spain

Finally, the 2-week solo trip to Andalucia dream came true. My 15 kg rucksack felt very heavy on my untrained back but I myself felt light and optimistic anyway. The plan was clear – get to Spain, get to Granada in the heart of Andalusia, hike a bit through the countryside, use some buses, taxis and trains and being awesome. So what could go wrong? Spoiler alarm: A lot. But hey, at least I have good stories to tell! And…

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