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Dalibro, the freshmaker
Dalibro, the freshmaker

Heyyo, I’m Dalibro, happy to see you here!

I like to shoot. Photos. Landscapes, interesting places, cities. I like to think that the world is my playground. I like to explore places and think I am Indiana Jones. I like Indiana Jones, when it comes to it. And Star Wars and Harry Potter. I like my wife too. Coffee? Yes, please.

I don’t like crowds, blurry photos, air-conditioning and the entire Slytherin house.

Anyway, enjoy the blog and feel free to add any comments or drop me a line on info@dalibro.com! If you enjoy my blog, please give it thumbs up by sharing it or hit the subscribe button to get the latest news! May the Force be with you, Professor Jones. Expeliarmus.

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I am shooting not only landscapes but also microstock photography which I find extremely challenging!