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Dalibro, the freshmaker
Dalibro, the freshmaker

Heyyo, I’m Dalibro (Dalibor Hanzal), a travel photographer, blogging gringo, trusty Gryffindor and the man behind DALIBRO.com. I create photo location guides and share tips for improving your photography. I know what you’re thinking: ‘But Dalibro, are there any fun facts about you?’.
My answer is yes! Here they are:

  • I like to photograph landscapes, interesting places, cities, wildlife and even food (sometimes before I eat it)
  • I like to think that the world is my playground
  • I like to explore places and think I am Indiana Jones
  • I like Indiana Jones, when it comes to it. And Star Wars and Harry Potter
  • I like my wife, too! Coffee? Yes, please. (Update: Yerba Maté? Yes, please.)
  • I don’t like crowds, HDR rainbow images, air-conditioning and the entire Slytherin house
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    Enjoy my blog and feel free to drop me a line using the form below! Any time. I’ll wait. I’m waiting. Right now. Do it, OK?

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