The adventure of hiking and not hiking in Andalucia, Spain

Solo Hiking through Andalucia, Spain

Finally, the 2-week solo trip to Andalucia dream came true. My 15 kg rucksack felt very heavy on my untrained back but I myself felt light and optimistic anyway. The plan was clear – get to Spain, get to Granada in the heart of Andalusia, hike a bit through the countryside, use some buses, taxis and trains and being awesome. So what could go wrong? Spoiler alarm: A lot. But hey, at least I have good stories to tell! And…

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When nothing spectacular happens

Sometimes, I do make decisions. And I make them fast. Like last Wednesday afternoon. Sitting home, watching TV, I got this idea to do some hiking. And booom! An hour later, having bought at least some water, I was on my way to Königstein, Germany. The 15 km walk felt so good! Of course, after the obligatory getting-lost anecdote. Such a beautiful autumn day, literally no people on the track. In fact, I met more woodpeckers than human beings. Which…

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Sunrise in Manarola, Cinque Terre

Arriving from Lucca to La Spezia was quite a positive surprise. To be honest, I expected the worst thinkable tourist trap with bracelet sellers on every corner and nothing that the town itself could offer. I was wrong, it’s actually a pleasant place to be with a nice flair. It has a great park and a nice loooong promenade at the sea, lots of boats to look at, if you like that sort of thing and it’s not ugly at…

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How I visited Dante’s Inferno and walked on a thousand-year-old route

I was decided to do some hiking around Siena and out of several options, there was one that turned out to be the right choice for my wannabe-epic needs. So it happened, that I was getting a EUR 2.80 ticket to Monteriggioni on that lovely Saturday morning. It did not take very long and I was standing at the gates of Monteriggioni, or should I rather say Dante’s Inferno? Dante Alighieri, yes, that Dante, mentions this tiny fortified village in…

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