How to take sharper photos on your next trip

Why do my images look so blurry?
How do I take sharper photos?

Ever asked yourself these questions? I have. And I still do! Getting my own images sharp is and always will be a challenge. It is a neverending, almost Sisyphus-like struggle between a man and his tool. Sharpness in your photography is one of the factors that will decide whether it’s going to be a hero or zero. Dramatic enough? Now, let’s get cracking and see what you can do to increase the sharpness of your images!


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5 Things I learned to do on any photography location

People often tend to think that creating a great landscape photograph is a question of expensive gear and visiting stunning places. That if you have resources to combine these two things, award-winning images will automatically magic themselves into the camera. 

But the creation of a good image is actually hard work. Yes, pressing the shutter is involved at some point but there is so much more than that! In fact, it is the entire process that I love about landscape photography. 

The time I spend outside, trying to understand the place, and doing all the non-photography pre-work. That’s what really counts and hopefully transfers into the eventual outcome — your image.

This is no perfect workflow, no secret key to creating an amazing photograph but rather a set of things I learned to do on a photography location. Things that might help you develop your own on-location process.


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The Holy Trinity of Photography – Do you know your camera?

The Holy Trinity in photography (sometimes also called the Sacred Trinity) is what you would call the union of the shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

They say for a good reason that photography is a joint of art and science. This article will give you a brief introduction to the geeky part of photography.

It should help you step up your skills a fair bit. Maybe even stop using the Automatic mode on your camera. Shutter speed? Aperture? ISO? All that, right here.


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