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Searching landscape in your backyard

Shooting landscape very, very locally

Living in a big city certainly brings many perks. However, when you enjoy landscape photography, it is not exactly great. Firstly, you are never alone, there is always at least one weirdo around. Or a couple of them. Secondly, finding a location is a tough challenge, since the city is, well, a city. Full of buildings, people and stuff. On the plus side, the nearest café is most likely just a stone’s throw away. Especially useful after landscape shooting in the early morning.

As it turned out during my last trip, it also pays off to plan your time wisely for actually getting there. Because what you see on the map is NOT only half a finger away. Behind it, there is a real physical distance which needs to be walked. In my case almost 3 kilometres. I chose a small field at the edge of Frankfurt, right between two urban areas. Which gave me just enough space for semi-intimate landscape photography and a focal length of about 40-70 mm.

I am rebellious

Normally, I love using the rule of thirds in my compositions but for once (the featured image of this post), I decided to deliberately ignore it. Just for the hell of it. Not every landscape must be designed in thirds. And I must say, I kind of like it – I enjoy a simple picture being somewhat different, somewhat disturbing. 🙂

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