What’s in my bag 2018

What’s in my bag 2018

I thought it might be useful and interesting for some of you to see what kind of gear I use in my photography. Because come on, we all love the smell of gear and enjoy working with it, looking at it, snuffing it and patting it gently on its back, when it’s sad.
Enough said, here’s a list of what I carry around. Also, feel free to comment, I love gear talks! 🙂

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Manfrotto Offroad – this is a kind of bag you should own. It has a decent camera compartment which you can even take out but most importantly – you can actually carry also other stuff normal human beings might need when traveling – like food or warm clothes. Although it does look bigger, it is pretty much cabin-sized. This bag is perfect for a 1-3 day trip.

Pedea Camera Bag – Pedea is one of those basic cheapo brands you’re offered when purchasing something on Amazon. So you wouldn’t expect much. But I must say, it is more than enough for transporting a camera and a small tripod from A to B. Or for having it in a car ready for some photography action.

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Canon 80D – great 24.2 megapixel camera, relatively lightweight, weather-sealed, lovely autofocus, there is also a small display on top of the body and the camera is WIFI and NFC enabled. Still no full-frame though, so using it involves some serious math when it comes to focal length of your lens (to be multiplied by 1.6x).


Canon EFS 10-18 mm / f4.5 – my latest addition to my bag, sometimes the 24-70 mm lens is simply not wide enough and I really do not enjoy image stitching – so I got this little friend. And it really is little and super light. I haven’t had the chance yet to test it properly – on paper though, it looks like a bargain of the century.

Canon EFS 24 mm / f2.8 – I carry this small buddy with me for low-light conditions (f2.8) I could encounter. It is often criticized that it creates a vignette but honestly, I couldn’t care less. It is very cheap (mind you – in the photography world…), offers creamy bokeh and ability to shoot in low light. Moreover, it is so tiny and light, that it easily fits into your pocket.

Canon EF 24-70 mm / f4.0 – my all-time favourite piece of gear – a universal lens, weather-sealed, fantastic for landscape photography. The fact that it’s used by many great photographers is kind of a guarantee of quality. You will find it attached to my camera body nearly all the time.

Canon EF 70-300 mm / f4.0 – my long lens (second generation of this model), not as famous as its white brother, but – it has quite some spectacular autofocus and image stabilisation. It also has a small display you can set up to show you how much the lens is shaking in which direction. Nice little feature!


Rollei Compact Traveller No. 1 – do you know those ridiculous small dogs that love to run around you like crazy, flapping their tiny ears and occasionally biting you but you still love them? This 1.1 kg light tripod which can be folded into a 32 cm small package is something of that kind – its unbeatable dimensions and price make it a fantastic tripod for travel photography. However, it is by far not the best tripod in general – not very sturdy, not very tall, no panoramic head and I’m pretty sure I will upgrade next year. Yet I still want to cuddle with it.

Mengs L-bracket – Mengs is not exactly the best-known manufacturer but their L-bracket is a well-executed cheapo product I keep attached to my camera. The only drawback is, that you may not be able to access all the slots on the side of the camera – but honestly, how often do you really need them?


Hoya Circular Filters – Polarizer which I use very often and an ND8 filter – check out the diameter of your lens before you purchase or use step-up rings.

Haida Circular ND 10-Stop Filter – good for some reeeeally long exposures. Even gives you a couple of seconds during a bright sunny day – check out the diameter of your lens before you purchase or use step-up rings.


Cleaning Kit – cloths, spray cleaner and a brush are always with me. Dead useful (as described in this article). I don’t have exactly this kit from the link but it looks really solid based on reviews!

SD Cards – I use the 32GB SanDisk cards, never failed. One did accidentally snap in half, though. I’d love to say it wasn’t my fault. But it was.

Spare Batteries – I’m using a 3rd party manufacturer (Patona) as well as original Canon ones and can’t tell a difference if I’m honest.

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