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Cookie Baking & Photoshoot Combo with Rebi

It’s collaboration time! I met up with Rebi from Kuchengeschichten for a bunch of hours filled with her baking skills slash art and some good old DIY food photography. On the program were Christmas Cookies. Because the winter is coming. I don’t really know what it means ‘the winter is coming’. Just playing cool. But where is winter, there is also Christmas! And in case we’ll sell a million of those cookies one day and become cookie-billionaires and cookie-influencers, I will draft the marketing materials already:

#1 Macadamia nut heart cookies with lots of spice and rock candy

Christmas cookie number 1 is the right choice for people with refined taste for sweets, fashionistas. They know what they want and do not hesitate to put away their golf clubs in order to get it. Cookies are available in wide range of colours – as long as it’s brown.

#2 Poppy-seed stars with lemon cream

Christmas cookie number 2 is ideal for people who live up to the modern healthy lifestyle. Poppy-seeds and lemon literally neutralize the used sugar and together, in a mighty harmony of superfood power and fruitness, provide you with enough energy for your next fitness session.

Now, if that’s not gonna sell, honestly, I don’t know what will…Anyway, after we baked the hell of it, it was time to move on to the part, where I could feel useful for a change – the photoshoot. Rebi has prepared the props already – and seriously, you don’t need to spend a fortune on food photography props – what we used, was just a bunch of affordable christmas decoration.

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Light it up!

What I painfully realized during the cookie photoshooting and creation of the video below, is the absolute necessity of good light. Since the baking took quite some time and since here in Germany, the winter days are not exactly known for their long-lasting luminosity, it was already very dark when we started shooting.

Two light were unfortunately not enough for my f.4 lens, so I needed to keep my hands superstable to compensate slow shutter speed (1/50 to 1/80 most of the time). Because I got annoyed by the bluriness, I even pulled out the tripod and the boomerang-ey L-Bracket I talked about earlier.

So next time – definitely more light!

And here is the ultimate cookie video:

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