The kickass classical concert in Prague

I have dreamed about it for some time. It is a weird dream for many but to me, as a patriotic Czech, seeing the live performance of the 9th Symphony – From the New World was in my head labeled as a “Must-do-before-I-die” kind of thing. Although I’m not an expert, in my mind, it is the most spectacular, emotional and epic piece of classical music ever composed.

Luckily, this year, within the Dvořák’s Prague festival, which takes place, well, surprisingly in Prague, it was on the programme. Soooo, I didn’t really have a choice, right?
It is really hard to describe, how excited I was to be in Rudolfinum, that magical place, which hall is named after Antonín Dvořák, and even harder to describe the feelings when the massive (and absolutely fantastic) orchestra started playing at once. So, I’ll just use some bullet points:

1. It’s about to start!

2. Wow, this has some guts!!!

3. I think I peed myself

4. Thank God the calm part is coming

5. Damn, are these tears in my eyes? Stop it, stupid emotions, stop it!

6. Oh, these we go again, my whole body is vibrating like the Bunny Duracell

7. Repeat steps 1. to 6.

Check it out yourself, both piece are spectacular, although “From the New World” is my all-time’s favourite.

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