When nothing spectacular happens

Sometimes, I do make decisions. And I make them fast. Like last Wednesday afternoon. Sitting home, watching TV, I got this idea to do some hiking. And booom! An hour later, having bought at least some water, I was on my way to Königstein, Germany.

The 15 km walk felt so good! Of course, after the obligatory getting-lost anecdote. Such a beautiful autumn day, literally no people on the track. In fact, I met more woodpeckers than human beings. Which was nice.

However, from the photography point of view, not so much going on. After my first stop at a little stream, where I took a long-exposure picture of it, I only stopped to shoot some mushrooms. Aaand, that was it! You can see the results in the Gallery. The rest of the walk was beautiful, no exciting stories to shoot, though. Now when I think about it, there might be some connection to the mushrooms.

Here’s my video:

Dalibro's Top Tip

Long exposure photos
I'd bet your camera is capable of long-exposure photography. How do I know? Simply because most of cameras are! Using long exposure (=looooow shutter speed), you can achieve amazing results and be supercreative as it introduces the 4th dimension into your picture - the time. And it is fairly simple, you'll only need a tripod or something very stable to put your camera on:

  1. Set your camera to Manual mode ("M")
  2. Set your ISO to 100 (as low as possible)
  3. Set your timer to 2 seconds - you'll avoid unwanted shakes when pressing the shutter by doing so
  4. Set your shutter speed to desired time. This depends on light conditions - in the night, your time will be probably in tens of seconds, for dawn or dusk maybe a couple of seconds, daytime usually up to a second, depending on where you are (e.g. a dark forest helps you prolong the time).
  5. If you want to shoot long exposure during daytime or prolong the shutter speed, you'll need some ND filters (wide range of strenght available - generally, the "blacker" the more hardcore-beasty the filter is and prolongs the exposure time). There are tons of them but invest in quality or pay twice!

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