In the land of castles, Rheingau

Another great autumn day, another hiking adventure! This time to Rheingau, Germany. This place is awesome, it’s basically a valley around the river Rhein, packed with wineyards and pretty small villages, and moreover easy to be reached by train from Frankfurt. But what really is spectacular is the number of castles in the region. It’s literally castle plague – every time you lose a castle from your view as you go through, and ‘voilá!’ there’s another one.

I arrived to Lorch shortly after 9 am. For a change, I didn’t get lost in the town when searching the way so I was soon hiking up the hill. The track to Kaub (another small village) was described as ‘easy’, so it was quite unexpected to see a danger warning for hikers and a steel rope leading upward. When I reached the summit (of course, there was a small castle) I hoped for a fantastic view.

Unfortunately, the fog was so thick, I couldn’t see a thing. Luckily, the cloud was moving quite quickly, so there were moments every now and then, when the sun made it through. What a scenery! Then, the ‘easy’ part finally started, hiking through the valley, enjoying dramatic sceneries of Rheingau, beatiful oak forests and the autumn colours. Great 15 km walk!

I’m also falling more and more in love with my Rollei Compact Traveler tripod, it’s soooooo tiny and so light (only 1.2 kg). There is a couple of compromises – for example, it doesn’t have a panoramic head and you need to crouch a bit, as it becomes less stable at full height. Also, getting yourself an L-Bracket will bring your tripod experience to a whole new level especially with heavier cameras! However, the build quality and the size (and the price too) of the thing are simply unbeatable!

Dalibro's Gear Corner

  • Camera: Canon EOS 80D
  • Lens #1: Canon 70-300mm IS USM
  • Lens #2: Canon EFS 24mm (very 'pancakey'!)
  • Tripod: Rollei Compact Traveler No.1
  • L-Bracket: MENGS MPU-100

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