Boat trip to Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Since I had enough time in La Spezia, I was not forced to visit all of the 5 villages of Cinque Terre at once. So I thought I could get on a boat and see a bit more from another perspective. I decided to take one of the last boats in the afternoon with the hope that the crazy hectic period would be over or close to over. Well, not exactly but still, could be much worse.

First stop was Porto Venere – a village that should be the 6th Terra. It is simply wonderful, not extremely crowded as it’s not that small and definitely worth spending some time there! I had one hour before my next boat came, which was sufficient but no chance to sit down and have a meal or something – that would have to wait until Vernazza.
After Porto Venere, the ferry stops at each of the CT villages except for Corniglia. Which is logical because that is the only one that is on the big rock and the access to the sea is a bit more complicated than in the other villages. Now, in case you’re interested, the ferry between La Spezia and Monterosso (the last stop) costs 24 EUR for a day ticket, or 20 EUR for one way. Both not super cheap, both with pros and cons but both are worth the money!

In Vernazza, I had a pesto pizza, aperol spritz and just a lot of chillax, what a great day in Liguria.

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