Back in Florence (yes, again!)

How I fixed a toilet, had a chat with an old lady, saw the sun rising and made a pizza in Florence.

My second Tuscany trip this year started rather unexpected, in the shared bathroom of my hotel in Florence. More precisely, in my room, which was right next to the bathroom and where I got slightly annoyed of the sudden but omnipresent sound of running water. ‘Something is wrong!’ thought my inner Tintin, so I went straight into action. Being not skilled nor qualified for that job, I identified the problem with toilet disturbingly quickly – a something in the mechanism got somewhat stuck, so the toilet sort of thought that it needs to keep sending water to the bowl. Tool-less, I just pushed the flushing button a couple of times, shook it a bit and…behold, it worked! I mended a thing almost like Da Vinci himself would have done back then. Feeling pleased of being useful for once, I decided that I deserve a dinner.

Nobody bothered to pay me a visit in the first restaurant, so I showed my indignation by packing my stuff dramatically and moving to the next restaurant, just a few meters away. Having it confirmed that a TripAdvisor badge doesn’t mean anything, I sat down. I bumbed into a lovely old lady working there, and I was glad, it was her taking care of my table because she did not speak a word English. There is your chance, Dalibro, show her what you remember from your Italian classes, yeah! Well, as it turned out, not much. It wasn’t a complete disaster but nervosity made me think just way too long before saying ‘vino’, wine. Of course I know what I drink.
I had some great plans for the following day, including waking up at 6 o’clock and walking through the whole city, up the hill to Piazzale Michelangelo, see the sunrise, make some photos, be awesome. It sounds very noble now but for describing the 6-a.m.-me, you wouldn’t need the word ‘noble’. But I made it and it was soooo worth it! The old sympathy for Florence was back, I had the entire city just for me, just name it. Duomo? Cleaning people and me. The Uffizi place? Only me. Ponte Vecchio? Yep, alone. Piazzale Michelangelo? Couple of runners, two or three backpackers, one massive star 150 million kilometer away and myself. Spectacular.

In the afternoon, I booked a pizza-and-gelato-making-course with Florencetown (after great experience from March this year). And I wasn’t disappointed! The course is very nicely balanced, doesn’t take too short or too long, feels very authentic, is fun and most importantly – I made my own pizza that really tasted like a pizza! And even a damn good one! Yumyumyum.

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