Cookie Baking & Photoshoot Combo with Rebi (with video!)

It’s collaboration time! I met up with Rebi from Kuchengeschichten for a bunch of hours filled with her baking skills slash art and some good old DIY food photography. On the program were Christmas Cookies. Because the winter is coming. I don’t really know what it means ‘the winter is coming’. Just playing cool. But…

5 reasons why to get an L-Plate

L-Brackets or L-Plates are one of the greatest investments you can do about your photography and still only very few photographers use them. This article is about understanding the awesomness of the L-Plates.

In the land of castles, Rheingau

Another great autumn day, another hiking adventure! This time to Rheingau, Germany. This place is awesome, it’s basically a valley around the river Rhein, packed with wineyards and pretty small villages, and moreover easy to be reached by train from Frankfurt. But what really is spectacular is the number of castles in the region. It’s…

When nothing spectacular happens

Sometimes, I do make decisions. And I make them fast. Like last Wednesday afternoon. Sitting home, watching TV, I got this idea to do some hiking. And booom! An hour later, having bought at least some water, I was on my way to Königstein, Germany. The 15 km walk felt so good! Of course, after…

Dalibro’s top tip: Airbnb discount $35 or equivalent

Planning to book a stay on Airbnb for the first time? Wait a sec, I have a promo code for you. There is no catch – by clicking on the link below, you’ll be redirected to the Airbnb website and given $35 (or equivalent in your currency) discount for your first booking on the platform….